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Posted: 29 Jan 2003

Heads Up: If you're using ZENworks for Desktops 4, you may want to take a look at this.

ZfD4Patch2a.exe contains a complete ZfD4 Agent MSI that has all of the updated files that were included in ZfD4Patch1.exe and ZfD4Patch2.exe (see the "Issue" section of this patch for the list of issues fixed). ZfD4Patch2a.exe also contains server side Imaging and ConsoleOne patches.

The difference between the MSIs contained in this ZfD4Patch2a.exe and the MSIs contained in ZfD4AgentMSI.exe is that ZfD4AgentMSI.exe is an MSI format of the original shipping ZfD4 Agent files and the MSIs in ZfD4Patch2a.exe are the ZfD4 agents with updated files containing fixes that are newer than the original ZfD4 shipment. Installing ZfD4AgentMSI.exe is not a prerequisite to installing the MSIs in this ZfD4Patch2.exe.

This patch is a consolidation of ZfD4 fixes that pass limited validation testing. These fixes are not considered "Minimum Patches" and do not need to be applied unless the issues described in the Issues section of this patch apply to your environment.


To download the file, and for installation instructions see TID 2964800

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