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ZENworks NT Impersonation in Workstation Policies

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Posted: 7 Mar 2003

In ZENworks under the workstation policy package, you can set the impersonation level to either Interactive User, System, or Unsecured System. Here's a little overview of each of these impersonation levels and the rights that they use.

Interactive User: The action will be run in the context of the user who is logged in to the workstation. It gives the action whatever rights the workstation's User object has been assigned. Usually this is just the user access rights. For Windows NT, if only default user rights have been granted, the action cannot change settings that require administrative rights. Uses the rights of the logged in user (on the NT Workstation) to run policy package actions.

System: The action will be run in the background as a local service. When the action is dispatched it runs under the context of the local system. The action is granted administrative rights to the workstation, use this option only if the action does not require any user intervention (i.e. it does not display a user interface that requires input.) Under Windows 95/98 this option specifies that the action will use the workstations rights. This allows access to secure portions of the machine, but does not allow any user intervention at the desktop on the scheduled action. The rights associated with this account are the same as the NT System Account. If the action requires user intervention, you must use the Unsecured System Impersonation.

Unsecured System: The Unsecured System uses the NT System User. This gives the same functionality as the System User but allows user intervention at the desktop.

The System and Unsecured System accounts get their NetWare File System Rights from the associated workstation object in NDS. Make sure the workstation has been imported and has a workstation object, along with the necessary file rights assigned.

See NetWare Administrator Help or ConsoleOne Help for further details.

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