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Using the right NWGINA.DLL

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Posted: 4 Jun 2003

NWGINA.DLL resides in the ZfD4 Management Agent and in the Novell Client32 for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. When Client32 updates are released, a common question is if the ZfD4 NWGINA.DLL can be replaced by an updated Client32 NWGINA.DLL.

Client side patches for the 4.83 family of the Novell Client32 that include ZENworks fixes will be for ZENworks for Desktops 3.2. If using ZfD4 on the workstation, use the ZfD4 Management Agent patches to update ZENworks files on the workstation.

The NWGINA.DLL that is released in any Client32 version prior to the 4.9 version cannot be used on ZfD4 managed workstations. Starting with the 4.9 version (if and when released), the NWGINA.DLL in Client32 will be interchangable between the NWGINA.DLL included in the ZfD4 Management Agent. Until then, if you are using the ZfD4 Management Agent on your workstations, you should ensure that the only NWGINA.DLL file that is used on those workstations originated from the ZfD4 Management Agent or one of its patches.

A Novell Client Support Pack (for instance, the 4.83sp2) may be applied to ZfD4 workstations.

To apply a client service pack (for instance, the 4.83sp2) to ZfD4 workstations, ensure that SETUPSP.EXE instead of SETUPNW.EXE is used. This will ensure that the patch can be applied and will not overwrite ZfD4 files.

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