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Posted: 26 Jun 2003

Here's a very informative white paper from our partners at Wise Solutions, Inc. Wise Solutions is a provider of application installation and management software and services.

Wise Package Studio prepares applications for enterprise use through a structured application management, packaging and quality assurance process. Wise Package Studio features tight integration with Novell ZENworks. Package Studio detects ZENworks and seamlessly deploys packages through ZENworks.

ZENworks for Desktops 4 and ZENworks 6 includes Wise Install Tailor, which provides the ability to create MST files to customize MSI installations.

This white paper provides an overview of enterprise software packaging practices and procedures. Its intended audience is IT executives, system administrators and packaging technicians who belong to organizations that want to implement a structured approach to system management, and especially, software packaging in the enterprise. This paper presents a comprehensive look at the reasoning behind the enterprise packaging process and how it integrates into the overall enterprise systems management strategy organizations strive to put in place.

In addition, this paper outlines a selection of best practices for software packaging and general systems management. While it is not product specific, this paper is focused on the management of Windows-based systems. Its processes and some of its best practices can also be used in non-Windows environments. Managing distributed systems is a complex process that must be comprehensive. This paper provides a general discussion on the topic with strong specific recommendations in terms of gaining control over a distributed network within a corporate environment. It also paints a broad outline of how enterprise software packaging practices can help gain a rapid return on investment for most organizations.

Read the White Paper.

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