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NAAS Update for NW6 SP1 or SP2 Servers

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Posted: 11 Mar 2003

Here's a patch for NAAS users.

This file contains updates for Novell Advanced Auditing Services (NAAS) for NetWare 6 SP1 or SP2. All the fixes in the patch will be in NetWare 6 SP3.

Download the file from TID 2965104


1. This patch should be applied after installing NetWare 6.0 SP1 or SP2 and before configuring the NAAS framework. If NAAS is already configured and running on NetWare 6.0 SP1 or SP2, apply the patch and do not reconfigure it again.

2. Running SMS and NAAS Server components from the AUTOEXEC.NCF may result in a server abend. To avoid this possibility, remove ST_SRVR.NCF from the AUTOEXEC.NCF and load NAAS Server manually using ST_SRVR.NCF. (NAAS Agent and NAAS Server modules can be loaded in any order.)

This patch includes fixes for the following issues:

1. *** Important for first time configuration *** Pervasive DSN creation feature is removed. With this patch, using the Pervasive Control Center, the Pervasive database (DSN) must be created before configuring the NAAS database using the NAAS configuration utility.See TID 10067500 for the procedure.

2. Agent not able to get NAAS server IP address.

3. NAAS Report not showing all the events.


5. Deleting adcache1.aud and not deleting _cache causes commit to fail.

6. Auditing not enabled for all the partitions hosted on the server.

7. Cleaning up NAASADMN and other tables if NAAS encounters NICI errors.

8. DSShim, FSShim and NSSShim fail to come up if SNMP community string is changed from default string.

9. Shims taking too long to come up. Now instead of evaluating policies for all objects, the Agent evaluates policy only for the partition root objects. So all objects in a partition will follow the same policy.

10. Report generation in a large eDirectory tree takes long time.

11. Improved error reporting from NAAS Utility.

12. Removed LDAP dependency for Report generation. User need not configure LDAP servers for NAAS reports to work.

13. NAAS components fail to load with eDirectory error code -649.

14. Fix for the problem, "Agents fail to commit data with no errors being logged".


15. Pervasive DSN creation feature is removed. With this patch, using PCC Pervasive DSN should be created, before configuring NAAS database using NAAS configurtion utility.

16. Agents fail to commit data with no errors being logged.

17. Association of a data policy with more than 10 objects in the policy causes abend.

18. File system auditing during backup with ArcServ causes abend.

19. In a multi-partition tree, NAAS Utility fail to find effective policies.

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