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How to Sync the ZENworks Inventory Database with the NDS Database

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Posted: 9 Jun 2004

If you are frustrated because after you delete workstations from NDS they still exist in the Inventory Database, this one's for you.

For ZfD 3.x

ZENworks for Desktops provides a database sync tool to synchronize the Workstation objects stored in the Inventory database with the Workstation objects in NDS. This tool removes the workstations that do not exist in NDS from the Inventory database for the server it is run on (no 'rollup' effect). Run this process on each inventory server with a database.

Important: You must ensure that the Service Manager is loaded before you run the Inventory database sync tool.

Here's how you do it:

  1. At the inventory server console prompt, enter: 'StartSer NDSLookupForDB'

    ZfD then compares the list of workstations in the database with those in NDS and generates a lookup file. This file contains the list of workstations to remove from the database.

    The default lookup file is located in PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\WMINV\LOG\WSDELETE.LOK

  2. Note: If, for some reason, you have any records you want to keep in the ZENworks inventory even though there is no corresponding NDS object for them, you should delete them from this file before proceeding to the next step.

  3. To finally remove the workstation records listed in WSDELETE.LOK, enter: 'StartSer DBDelete'

After running the delete process successfully, the file \PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\WMINV\LOGS\WSDELETE.LOG contains information about workstations that were removed, and indicates whether the database was successfully synchronized with NDS.

For ZfD 4.x.x

Note: ZFD 4.x sync processes cannot remove ZFD 3.2 workstation inventories that are orphaned in the database at the time of the 4.x upgrade. To avoid this situation, make sure the ZfD 3.2 sync process is done and no orphans exist in the inventory database before the 4.x.x install. Or, you could start over with an empty database and get all new scans for the current workstations.

If the 3.2 workstation does exist in NDS and in the inventory database, and has has a successful inventory scan stored in the ZFD 4.x.x database, the 3.2 workstation object should behave normally for the sync process.

The functionality to automatically synchronize the database to NDS is built into the ZENworks Inventory Service object.

The screen shot below is from ConsoleOne with the ZfD 4.0 snap-ins. It shows the properties of the ZenInvService object, Inventory Service Object tab, Inventory Service Sync Schedule settings. By default it runs every Monday at a random time between 8am and 5pm server's relative time.

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