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AdminStudio and Novell ZENworks Integration Highlights

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Posted: 9 Aug 2004


 Prepare high-quality software packages that install seamlessly

?  Reduce costly deployment failures

?  Deploy software packages in significantly less time

Product Highlights

?  Convert legacy applications to MSIs

?  Create deploy-ready packages for ZENworks? Customize packages for different user groups

?  Follow an easy path to the full AdminStudio Professional Edition, with extensive MSI editing and testing capabilities

Preparing high-quality software packages for distribution via ZENworks has never been easier

For organizations using ZENworks to deploy their applications, AdminStudio provides an easy way to rapidly prepare reliable Windows Installer (MSI) software packages for enterprise distribution.

Using AdminStudio's automated tools, systems administrators can create MSI packages from any installation format, including ZENworks snAppShot? AOT and AXT files. These software packages can then be customized, tested, and automatically converted to a deploy-ready format for your ZENworks distribution system.

InstallShield and Novell have worked closely to ensure the tightest integration between AdminStudio and ZENworks. ZENworks 6.5 even comes with a special edition of AdminStudio, further demonstrating the compelling partnership between the two companies.

Integration Highlights

Convert Legacy Applications to MSIs
AdminStudio can automatically convert all your legacy setup files, including ZENworks snAppShotTM AOT and AXT files, to pure MSIs, so your software can leverage all the benefits of Windows Installer, including self-healing, installation rollback, and clean uninstallation. Deploying MSIs enables your organization to reduce software management costs while improving the overall reliability of your operating environment.

Customize Packages for Different User Groups
Different user groups often use the same application, but that doesn't mean they require the same feature set. AdminStudio makes it easy to build transforms (MST files) that safely modify your MSI packages to meet the distinct needs of any user group.

Create Deploy-Ready Packages for ZENworks
AdminStudio also automatically creates MSI distribution objects for ZENworks Desktop Application or ZENworks Server Distribution deployments, making deployments via ZENworks far simpler and more efficient. AdminStudio has a Distribution Wizard that does all the detailed work for you, so you don't have to be a ZENworks expert to successfully deploy applications.

AdminStudio Ships with ZENworks 6.5

ZENworks 6.5 includes a custom version of AdminStudio, including the powerful Repackager, Tuner, and Distribution Wizard tools. These tools enable you to convert applications to the Windows Installer format, customize those MSI packages using transforms, and rapidly prepare software for distribution via ZENworks. When used with the unique Policy-Driven Automation of ZENworks, IT departments can reduce their software management costs while increasing productivity.

Room to Grow

For owners of ZENworks 6.5 wishing to enhance your IT department's ability to deploy conflict-free applications that perform as expected once installed, you can easily upgrade from the custom version of AdminStudio found in ZENworks 6.5 to the full AdminStudio Professional Edition.

AdminStudio Professional Edition offers a complete suite of automated packaging, customization, conflict resolution, and quality assurance tools that help ensure trouble-free software deployments and decrease software management costs. Tools found only in this edition include the direct MSI editor, the Application Isolation WizardTM, the OS Snapshot WizardTM, QualityMonitorTM for reliability testing and corporate standards enforcement, and ConflictSolverTM for conflict identification and resolution. Deploying high-quality, reliable software packages has never been easier.

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