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How to turn on the ZWSREG.LOG File

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Posted: 4 Nov 2004

ZWSREG.EXE is the replacement for the ZfD3.x WSREG32.EXE. Here are the command line options to use the executable.

Usage: zwsreg [options]

  • importserver <server IP address (none or 0 for no import server)>
  • importpolicy <policy DN>
  • importws <new workstation DN>
  • version <3 or 4>
  • unreg


One feature is the ability to import without setting up an import server or resolving ZENWSIMPORT through DNS or Hosts:

    zwsreg -importserver none -importws mywsDN.novell

The logged in user must have create rights in order to create the workstation without using an Import Server. And, this option is only usable if the workstation has Client32 installed on it. If you want to unregister a workstation:

   zwsreg -unreg

The registry can also be populated instead of using command line. If the registry is populated, then ZWSREG.EXE and ZENWSREG.DLL will be able to utilize this functionality. If command line options are used with ZWSREG.EXE, and they differ from the registry settings, the command line options will take precedence.

The registry location that needs to be modified would be HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks\ZENWSREG. You will have to create the ZENWSREG as this key is not there by default. Then, create String Values for one or more of the following:

  • ImportServer (value is either "none" or the IP-or-DNS name of your Import Server. If set to none, the ImportWS key must exist and be populated.)

  • ImportWS (value is the DN of the workstation object that you want to create. The user (if using ZWSREG.EXE) or policy will have to have rights to create the object in the desired location).

  • ImportPolicy (value is the DN of the desired Import Policy). NOTE: this must be the DN of the policy, not the package, e.g. "Server Package test1:General:Workstation Import.Location_a.Novell" (the quotes are necessary because of the spaces in the DN. To determine the policy DN, you can start ConsoleOne with the parameter -showhiddenobjects as shown in TID 10057038) - note, there is no leading period.

  • wsgroups (value is a comma separated list of the group DNs you want the workstation to be a member of) This option is only available starting in ZENworks for Desktops 6.5.

These options can be combined. For example, if you specify a value for ImportServer (or have no key, so that the DNS name ZENWSIMPORT is used), you could specify a value for ImportPolicy, and the Import Server would use that policy for this workstation.

Furthermore, you could override the naming from the policy by specifying ImportWS.

Thus, you can get an import server to perform the import on your behalf, creating the workstation in any container to which the policy has rights.

In ZfD4x, to enable the Automatic Workstation Import advanced output to the Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZENWSREG.LOG file, create the following registry key:

"LogLevel"=DWORD Value 00000002

Acceptable values are 0-2, 2 being advanced output. The Agent side Automatic Workstation Import debugging is not enabled by default.

In ZfD 4x and 6.x, to obtain the Automatic Workstation Import advanced output of the NetWare Server side SYS:\ZENWORKS\ZENWSIMP.LOG file or SYS:\ZENWORKS\ZENWSREM.LOG, edit the SYS:\SYSTEM\ZENWSIMP.NCF OR SYS:\SYSTEM\ZENWSREM.NCF with these values:

-Dlogfilelevel=3 -Dloglevel=3

To obtain the Automatic Workstation Import advanced output of the Windows Server side C:\ZENWSIMP.LOG or C:\ZENWSREM.LOG, edit or add the following registry keys on the Windows Server: (There's a reg file you can execute and import into the registry in c:\novell\zenworks\Autows for this purpose.)

String Value = zenwsimportCmdLine
Value Data = -Dlogfile=c:\zenwsimp.log -Dlogfilelevel=3 -Dloglevel=3
String Value = zenwsremovalCmdLine
Value Data = -Dlogfile=c:\zenwsrem.log -Dlogfilelevel=3 -Dloglevel=3

For advanced real-time output to the Import/Removal Screen on a Windows 2000 server, edit the properties of the ZENworks Workstation Import/Removal Service (Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools), Logon Tab, check "Allow service to interact with the desktop".

Note: Dlogfilelevel is how verbose the logging is to the log file and Dloglevel is how verbose the output is to the Import Screen on the server.

For more info, see TID 10068910

For AWI client and server logging in ZfD 6.5, see TID 10093312

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