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Modifying the NetWare Registry through NetWare Remote Manager

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By Greg Leong

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Posted: 6 Jun 2003

Would you like to edit NetWare registry settings graphically? Here's how you set things up so you can edit the registry via NetWare Remote Manager (NRM).

1. Edit the Autoexec.ncf on your server

2. Scroll down until you find Load PORTAL.NLM

3. Add a /regedit after PORTAL.NLM separated by a space. (Figure #1)

4. Then restart your server or you can unload the PORTAL.NLM.

Figure 1

5. Launch a browser and enter http://dnsoripaddress:8008

6. Enter your admin username and password or admin equivalent username and password.

7. Select NetWare Registry on the left pane under Manage Applications heading (Figure #2).

Note: You will notice buttons, which allow you to create and modify registry settings.

Figure 2

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