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Posted: 10 May 2000

The CLA/MLA licenses have "CLA/MLA license" written on it. VLA licenses are normal licenses, except that they might be sold separately from the media.

Here in a nutshell is the scoop on these different options:

  • VLA (Volume License Agreement) The VLA helps small to medium-sized organizations save money on their software purchases. The VLA provides cost-effective access to Novell software and the freedom to make purchasing decisions globally, allowing customers to easily plan and manage their software acquisitions.
  • CLA (Corporate License Agreement) Through a simple contract with Novell, customers can choose from many licensing and service options, and benefit from discounted pricing. The CLA offers an array of options in licensing, technical support, Novell Education, and other services. The program also preserves existing relationships between customers and their preferred CLA Approved Partners, and offers
  • The Best of Both Worlds: a strong partnership with both Novell and Novell's highly qualified resellers.
  • MLA (Master License Agreement) The MLA is designed for large organization and it provides a licensing and service relationship directly with Novell. The program offers benefits such as nodal pricing, price protection, cumulative discounts, product maintenance, and an umbrella contract that can cover all customer divisions and affiliates worldwide.

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