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Posted: 25 Jun 2003

Heads Up: have you heard about the new Nterprise Linux Services? For years we have been developing great networking services that sit on top of the NetWare kernel. We're now offering these same services on a Linux kernel too.

Novell Nterprise Linux Services, shipping this fall, delivers core services such as file, print, messaging, directory and management services as an integrated package running and supported on the SUSE and Red Hat Linux distributions. Along with these core services, Novell will offer unprecendented levels of technical support, training and consulting services for Linux.

As we continue to enhance NetWare-a premier platform for delivering advanced services for business-we will provide these advanced services for the Linux platform as well. NetWare 6.5 and Novell Nterprise Linux Services provide parallel paths for NetWare and Linux users until both groups see the complete Novell services set running on both the NetWare and Linux kernels with NetWare 7.

This is all good. Novell will continue to enhance and support NetWare, while ensuring that its NetWare and Linux offerings easily co-exist. Interested NetWare customers (that'd be you) gain a new platform option going forward, as Novell will provide them the necessary tools and support to adopt Linux with the same level of security, sophistication and reliability they have always received from running NetWare. This is the future path for Novell customers. It's all about choice.

Early Adopter Version

The Early Adopter Version will include a whole raft of enterprise services that were previously only available on NetWare, such as:

  • Personal File Management that lets your users' critical business data securely follow them, no matter where they go or what machine they happen to be using at the time.
  • Directory Services that strengthen enterprise security and decrease management costs of cross-platform business systems.
  • Print Services that let users easily print from any location and reduce help desk calls.
  • Internet Messaging and Calendaring that promote productive collaboration and easily scale to match your organization's growth.
  • System Management for simplifying and reducing the costs of managing your business system platforms.
  • Web Experience providing integrated access to customers, employees and partners, anytime, anywhere.

Cool Penguin Stuff

  • For those of you interested in certifications, you'll be interested in seeing more about the new Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) program.
  • If you're a developer you'll want to check out the snazzy Novell Forge, a veritable playground for open-source development at Novell.
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