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Posted: 26 Aug 2003

Heads Up: There's a new public release of the TRUSTEE.NLM that's been tested on NetWare 4.x, 5.x and 6.x servers.

Changes since trust110a.exe:

  • Modified ScanExcessNDSRights() to report W right to ACL for every object, not only NCP Server objects
  • Removed leading dot from user name when authenticating, to prevent -610 errors.
  • We no longer call RingTheBell because of user complaints
  • -601 errors will report Warning instead of an Error in every case
  • Meaningful messages written for the error codes reported so far
  • Version changed to v1.10c

Changes since v1.10:

  • Bug fix: /V caused path to be written twice to the output file
  • Bug fix: restoring user quota failed for volume names ending with a colon
  • Exclude volumes NSS_ADMIN and _ADMIN when performing SAVE ALL

Changes since v1.05a:

  • Handling of additional file system properties: attributes, owner, user quota, directory quota
  • Ability to process files or directories only
  • Verbose mode made optional to free up sys:\trustee.log for system and status messages
  • Ability to include all files and directories to the output file, even in case of empty or default settings. (Makes it easier to change the settings doing a search & replace.)

Changes since v1.05:

  • Correctly handles volume root directory in all cases


Get complete usage instructions and download the file from TID 2966735

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