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IP Address Management Framework: Managing Application IP Address/Port Configurations in NetWare 6.5

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By B Thavamani Rajan, CH Ganapathi, Manjunath Balasubramaniam

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Posted: 16 Sep 2003

The IP Address Management framework is a centralized repository for managing applications' IP address/port associations. It provides the infrastructure to support applications that use their own configuration files to get IP address and port information, as well as applications that want to use the framework to get the IP address and port information.

The Web-based NetWare Remote Manager utility is provided to manage the framework. This utility that provides the following:

  • A bird's-eye view of the configuration of all applications
  • The status of applications as IP addresses are bound/unbound and as applications compete for ports
  • A list of IP addresses that are currently configured on the server

This AppNote starts off with a discussion of several common IP address configuration scenarios. It then introduces the functional features of the IP Address Management framework, provides a high-level architectural overview, and lists the benefits of using the framework. It also provides a comparison between what is involved in managing IP address configurations in NetWare 6.0 (without the framework) and NetWare 6.5 (with the framework).


  • Problems with Applications and IP Addresses
  • Functional Features of the IP Address Management Framework
  • High-Level Architectural Overview
  • Using the IP Address Management Framework
  • Comparison Between NetWare 6.0 and NetWare 6.5
  • Applications Integrated with the Framework
  • Conclusion

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