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By Tony Phelps

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Posted: 29 Sep 2003

Yarra Plenty Regional LibrariesYarra Plenty Regional Libraries, a group of eight public libraries in north-east Melbourne, Australia, has just completed a comprehensive upgrade of its network infrastructure - including NetWare 6, BorderManager 3.7 and ZENworks 4.01 on each library's server and at headquarters, and GroupWise 6.5 centrally.

The IT staff are happy - the network is far easier to control, and the new VPN gives regionwide remote control to any workstation, ZENworks automates installation & control (especially for the public-use computers, removing a host of potential meddle-spots), and can even manage servers remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

The staff are happy - the workstations are standardised and consistently deliver the expected applications, they are much more reliable, and stuff just works! They love the new GroupWise WebAccess interface too.

The public are happy - free access to the internet is a major service offering, and its availability is much better. It's also standard across the region, so once you know what to do on one computer, you know what to do on any Yarra Plenty computer.

The beancounters are happy - all this for less than a fifth of the telecom budget! With NDPS enabling the final phasing out of IPX on the network, and iPrint building on that, printing is shortly to undergo a revolution - faster, less trouble, more automatic, and regionwide access to printers via the internet.

With a rock-solid infrastructure, Yarra Plenty Libraries can now turn to advanced service-improvement projects such as automated time-control on public computers (something library staff are very excited about) - and IT staff can be reasonably confident that implementation of such projects will be made easier and faster though the Novell suite of products underlying the network.

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