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Posted: 8 Oct 2003

Novell has released a new version of its Web-based management console, iManager, and you've got to check it out! More than just fixes and patches, Novell iManager 2.0.1 now runs on NetWare and Windows - and it makes customizing the management interface easier than ever.

About Novell iManager

Novell iManager provides a global view of your network from one browser-based tool, allowing you to proactively assess and respond to your changing network demands. With iManager, you can manage Novell eDirectory and many other services from a Web browser and various handheld devices. This centralized Web-based management allows you to eliminate both administrative redundancy and unnecessary travel, saving time and money.

The product, which ships with Novell eDirectory, Novell NetWare and many other Novell products, provides all the functionality of its predecessor, ConsoleOne, including a single point of administration for eDirectory objects, schema, partitions, replicas and many other network resources.

However, Novell iManager also provides a number of advanced capabilities that take network administration to a new level.

iManager Tips and Tricks

Other iManager Thoughts?

If you've got any iManager tips or gotchas to share, or if you particularly appreciate something about iManager, we'd love to hear from you. (We're always looking for enhancement ideas, so don't be shy...) Fire away.

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