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Rconip: NetWare RCONAG6.NLM Client

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Posted: 30 Oct 2003

Check this out. It's a native Win32 RconJ replacement compatible with RCONAG6.NLM. It's available for download as a GNU General Public License (GPL). This puppy has received glowing reviews, so if you haven't noticed it yet, it's definitely worth a look. One user called it "the most useful support tool for NetWare Servers since RCONSOLE for IPX!"

This version (2.0) has SSL support and can connect via a proxy (TCP only). The help has been updated for the extra features.

Command-line arguments:

  • rconip <servername> <password>
    Launches a remote console session with server <servername> and password <password>
  • rconip <servername>
    Prompts for a password and then launches a remote console session with server <servername> and entered password
  • rconip
    Obtains a list of rconsole.novell servers through SLP and launches the server selection interface

Navigation keys for server selection screen:

  • Enter
    Connect to the selected server
  • Cursor movement keys
    Move in the server selection list
  • Insert
    Enter a server by IP address or hostname
  • Escape
    Exit the program

Special key combinations for remote console screen:

  • Alt-F1
    Display the screen list
  • Alt-F2
    Disconnect from the server
  • Alt-F3, Alt-F4
    Move to previous and next screens, respectively
  • Alt-F5
    "Activate" the currently displayed screen

Check it out right here in our Free Tools section.

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