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Converting Legacy Data to LDIF format

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By Timothy Forde

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Posted: 2 Nov 2000

A key issue when bulkloading users into Novell's eDirectory is converting the data from legacy systems (often supplied in CSV format) to a useable form with all the required fields. This is usually done using a spreadsheet but the job still remains to convert this output (usualy still in CSV format) to an LDIF format for bulk loading into NDS. In particular you need to handle dummy fields in the spreadsheet that either need to be ignored (skipped) or concatenated (joined) in the output to form compound attributes such as ACL entries and DirXML-Associations. NCSV2LDF is a freeware workbench style utility provided without warranty to convert CSV files to LDIF. Sample input files are supplied for reference. See the Help button for more information and About to contact the author.

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