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Designing and Using NDS Partitions and Replicas

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By Blair Thomas

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Posted: 22 Jul 1999

Whether you're an NDS novice or an NDS expert, you're familiar on some level with NDS partitions and replicas. It's a topic that every NDS administrator needs to understand thoroughly to be a raging success.

With that in mind, we're publishing a chapter about partitions and replicas excerpted from "Novell's Guide to NetWare 5" by Jeffrey F. Hughes and Blair W. Thomas, Novell Press 1999. (Sorry, but we have to include all this detail for the lawyers.) Read this, and you'll be able to talk shop (about partitions and replicas at least) with the best of them. If you really like this chapter, you can find out how to get the whole book and others like it on the Novell Press web site.

Jeff and Blair do a thorough job covering the topic (about 73 pages to be exact), so we decided it would be best to publish the chapter as a downloadable PDF file.

Download Designing and Using NDS Partitions and Replicas

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