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Upgrading to NDS 8? Avoid Extra Hassles by Applying Schema Updates First

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By Kenny Anderson

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Posted: 9 Sep 1999

Just thought I'd warn everyone else about this gotcha. We've got a mixed tree of NetWare 4 and NetWare 5 servers at our site. I upgraded our NetWare 5 server to NDS 8. Shortly afterwards, the NetWare 5 box stopped dead, and then wouldn't talk to anything in the tree. The Master replica on the NetWare 4 box wouldn't replicate onto the NetWare 5 server running NDS 8, and DSTRACE kept showing "All Processed = NO".

Then, on the NetWare 4 box, I stumbled across the "Post NetWare 5 Schema Updates" option in DSRepair under Advanced Options > Global Schema Operations. Once I selected this option, the schema updates were applied to the server with the Master replica, and the NetWare 5 machine went into the tree without a hitch.

In short: if you're upgrading to NDS 8 on a NetWare 5 machine, and your master replica is still on a NetWare 4 server, make sure you run the schema update first. It's probably in the documentation, but who reads the docs? :)

Editor's Note: You're right on all accounts Kenny. In certain situations, you do need to apply the schema extensions first. This info is covered in the Readme file, and you're probably not the only one who didn't read the doc.

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