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DSRepair and Placing Your DIBs

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By Paul Jamieson

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Posted: 24 Nov 1999

If you've used DSRepair at all, you're probably no stranger to DSRepair -rc and the database dump files, called DIBs, that it creates. But here's a tidbit about DSRepair and DIBs that you may not have discovered.

When you run DSRepair -rc, an added benefit is the fact that you can place the dsrepair.dib file in any location and mounted volume on the server. (Of course, CDRom volumes are not included.) For example, you could execute the following command to place the DIB file in DATA\DIBS:

load dsrepair -rc DATA:\DIBS

In addition to be able to place the DIB file wherever you please, there's another bonus (the fun just never stops). Even though you tell DSRepair to place the DIB file in a particular location, it will still save a copy to the sys:\system directory. get two copies for the price of one. Now...just in case you're worried about all the space these DIB files might use, keep in mind the fact that the DIB files only grow as your DS does. This procedure does not append data. Instead, it overwrites the data each time you run DSRepair -rc. (Be careful with this because it includes replicas stored on the server.)

That's it. Give it a try the next time you're using DSRepair.

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