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Can't Find It? Now You Can

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Doug Anderson

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Posted: 17 Nov 2000

Searching can be the coolest, bestest thing on the Net. Until you can't find what you're looking for. When that happens, having all the cool stuff out there, all the greatest tips, tricks, best practices, time-savers, doesn't mean anything. Or worse, it means it's out there, but you can't have it.

We've heard our share of complaints about the searching capabilities, such as they were, here at Cool Solutions. We've tried to make up for the lack with comprehensive Vault pages designed to let you browse to your destination. No more. We are here to introduce to you, not Billy Shears, but the new Novell.Com search engine. We think you'll agree, it's, well, better.

How does it work? Glad you asked. Here's what you do: you go to the top of a page on Novell.Com, find the Search box in the upper right area of the page you're on, you type something in the box, and you either click the arrow, or you hit Enter.

What, you were hoping for something harder? All right, how's this: Go to the search box, type something in, and then pick a collection from the drop-down list. Now click the arrow or hit Enter.

Now, we realize that doesn't sound so terribly whiz-bang. It's just a search, after all. But here's what we promise you: you will get better search results, you will be able to search the stuff you care about, and you will be able do more with the results than ever before.

Default Area Searches
If our web people have done their jobs right, there should be no need for any hand recounts. In fact, each area of Novell.Com should have it's own collection of content set as the default search area when you are in that area. Not only that, but the bottom of the Search In drop-down list will automatically collect the last two search areas you've used.

Automatic Search Expansion
And this is nice: If you narrow your search to just one area, but you don't get any hits, the new search expands to other areas of Novell.Com. But not without telling you. No secrets between us.

When we say all, we mean All
In the past, all of Novell hasn't really meant all of Novell. That is, not all areas of Novell.Com were included in searches. Well, when we're done here, you'll be able to search everything. That includes Support, Developer, Corporate, Documentation, Cool Solutions, Education, Everything.

We also have redirection
Lets say you're searching for something GroupWise. Chances are, you don't want a million hits about GroupWise; you probably want a portal page or two about GroupWise. So, we send you directly to a portal where you can find important links about your search word (GroupWise, in this case). And this isn't just fire and forget for us. Someone here at Novell looks at all the top searches, and will be busily creating pages that better help you find what you need.

We are International
We can handle almost any language. This not only means we can index and search any language in the world, but we can also display all languages properly on a single page. That is, you can see Japanese, Korean, German . . . all on the same page. As far as we know, no other search engine handles languages as well . . . even searchers specifically designed for some of these markets. Most other, inferior search engines display only a few of the characters correctly, the rest end up as question marks. Entertaining, but hardly useful.

Print that
When you've finally got the search results you're looking for, feel free to push one of the print links at the left of the page. This is not your ordinary browser print. Rather than printing the search results page, this puppy fetches the actual contents of each of the hits in the search results, appends them together as a single page, then sends the combined result out to your local printer. And don't worry, we'll warn you if you're about to print more than a million pages.

If you have NetWare 5.1, you've got this
NetWare Web Search ships with NetWare 5.1 and will be shipping in 6pack. You, too, can have this cool cabability. In fact, you may already have it. How cool is that?

The proof is in pudding. Or rather, in the eating of the pudding. So get out there and eat some pudding, er, search for stuff. And when you're done, tell us how it went. Go to and take the survey. Hey, you've never been bashful about sharing your opinions with us before, why start now?

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