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eDirectory Positioning

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Posted: 18 Jan 2001

eDirectory Positioning
It's important to understand that there are multiple, vertical market segments even within an enterprise network. Let's look at a couple to illustrate?

NOS Vertical
The NOS vertical is a space where Novell, with NDS, has played very strong. In fact, NDS dominates this vertical segment today owning almost a 90% market share (based on data from IDC, 88%).

Microsoft Active Directory is a directory product that was introduced to accomplish essentially what NDS has been offering in this space for the past 8 years. Active Directory is designed for one purpose, the management of Windows 2000 servers.

The Naming Information Service (NIS) is the closest analogy in the UNIX world. UNIX servers utilize this service to coordinate user accounts across multiple servers, much the same way as Active Directory and NDS have provided management of user accounts for the NetWare and Windows 2000 environments.

Database Vertical
There is a similar phenomenon occurring in other enterprise vertical segments. In the database segment, Oracle and IBM have dominated with their database offerings.

PKI Vertical
Similarly X.500 vendors have specialized in providing directory services to the PKI and messaging verticals. Critical Path, with their recently acquired PeerLogic technology and Siemens DirX directory have found a home in this vertical segment.

Internet Vertical
Finally, in the Internet market segment iPlanet has produced a product that has focused on serving up directory information to Internet applications.

NDS eDirectory
As the foundation of Novell's DENIM architecture NDS eDirectory provides a key foundational technology that is designed to function across all the different enterprise vertical segments. Combined with the DirXML integration technology NDS eDirectory is capable of integrating the directories, applications, and database information across all these different verticals providing a common foundation for managing all the information in the enterprise regardless of the vertical segment where the data originated.

Because of its robust architecture and functional capabilities, eDirectory provides the ideal technology for satisfying the requirements of each vertical as well.

eDirectory has the capabilities of managing an enterprise NOS environment better than any other directory service. It provides identity and profile management and policy enforcement that make it a critical companion technology for the database segment.

eDirectory provides the ideal PKI management directory because of it's ability to manage digital certificates, support multiple authentication methods, integrate with industry-leading PKI implementations, and support PKI-enabled applications.

Finally, NDS eDirectory provides all the features that the iPlanet and SecureWay directories offer in the Internet vertical segment including full support for standard directory access protocols, incredibly fast performances, unlimited scalability, and complete security. eDirectory accomplishes this while providing the important data integrity and distribution capabilities that should be expected of a full-service directory.

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