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Posted: 2 Aug 2001

Need a way to move groups of users from several trees and consolidate them into one NDS tree? Check out the TREE login script command.

Novell has created a NetWare Login Script Processor command called TREE.

The TREE command is only available in the newer Novell Clients (the login script processor library is now built-in to the client, instead of being located on the server as in some older versions of the client). Specifically it must be one of the following versions or newer:

  • IntranetWare Client for Windows 95 version 2.11 using the LOGINW95.EXE
  • IntranetWare Client for Windows NT version 4.1 using the LOGINWNT.EXE or the NWGINA bootup login
  • IntranetWare Client for Dos/Windows version 2.11 using the LOGINW31.EXE

Older clients such as VLMs and NETX will not support this functionality, since they rely on the LOGIN.EXE on the server (LOGIN.EXE's script processor library does not include the TREE command). Therefore, if an administrator wishes to automate attaching to multiple trees in a login script, Newer clients that provide a GUI login must be used.

Example: User Fred.company_a in tree A1 wishes to have a DS connection as user genuser.company_b in tree B2. Server S1B is in the B2 tree.

Initiate GUI login for user Fred.company_a, with A1 as the preferred tree. Insert a "TREE" command in the login script.

Sample login script entry:
TREE B2\.genuser.company_b ; password (password is optional)

This format can also be used logging in as the same user in the different trees, assuming the user object has been created in both trees.

Once a TREE command has been issued, all DS requests will be directed to that tree. Any attempt to locate a DS object in the previously authenticated tree will fail until another TREE command is issued to set the focus on that tree.

The following is a suggested example of how to assign resources from a second tree to a user during login.

TREE Second_Tree/
MAP S:=2ndTreeServer\SYS:
TREE First_Tree

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For more information, see TID 10022073

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