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Novell Single Sign-on/SecureLogin Product Strategy

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By Bob Bentley

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Posted: 22 Aug 2001

Version: Novell SecureLogin 2.5

In June 2001 Novell released its SecureLogin 2.5 single sign-on product. Since Novell already markets a single sign-on product, NSSO 2.1, the existence of NSL 2.5 has created some questions and concerns about the future of these products, including product roadmap, technical support, and so forth. This document describes Novell's strategy in these areas.

Why Introduce NSL 2.5?

Novell's partnership with Passlogix resulted in the NSSO 2.1 with v-GO bundle, a great password management solution for many Novell customers. However, there are many customers whose needs are not solved by this bundle, because it lacks robust support for the mission-critical application environments of Citrix/Terminal Server, terminal emulators, and telnet common in these customers' organizations.

With the objective of satisfying customer needs, Novell product teams studied several alternatives. At length, Novell determined the optimum solution was to introduce an additional, entirely new product, Novell SecureLogin, which would both satisfy today's needs as well as provide a strong, capable platform for future development.

Two Products, Merging to One

For the next few months, Novell will actively sell and support both products, NSSO 2.1 and NSL 2.5. Both products will exist separately until the Fall 2001, when Novell will ship Novell SecureLogin 3.0. NSL 3.0 will be a superset of both predecessor products-it will include all the functionality of NSL 2.5 and NSSO 2.1, along with additional enhancements. Both NSSO 2.x and NSL 2.5 will have NSL 3.0 as their designated upgrade path product. While no point releases are planned for either product, service packs may be made available if the need arises. Customers using either product, with current maintenance or upgrade protection contracts, will be upgraded to NSL 3.0.

As part of the consolidation of these predecessor products, the NSL 3.0 release will include a suite of upgrade utilities, which will ensure a smooth transition to NSL 3.0 from either of the previous products. This transition support will seamlessly migrate important information such as user secrets, password policies, and application definitions to the new repository.

Ongoing Support for NSSO 2.x and NSL 2.5

When a product is upgraded, Novell's standard support policy is that Novell will continue to provide both engineering and technical support for at least six months after the new version is made available. Support for customers can go much longer, as determined by the needs of the market. This standard policy will apply to NSSO 2.x and NSL 2.5 after NSL 3.0 is released. In the case of NSSO 2.1 with v-GO, Novell will work with Passlogix to ensure that any code fixes/patches produced by Passlogix will be made available to NSSO customers.

Novell is sensitive to the fact that some customers may be in the early phases of testing and rollout, and not in a position to quickly transition to NSL 3.0. To ensure that these processes can continue without interruption, the Novell NSSO/NSL product development team will join with local Novell account teams and technical contacts to work directly with affected customers for as long as necessary. Novell customers may continue to purchase and deploy NSSO 2.x and NSL 2.5 as needed.

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