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Building Your Own LDIFs

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By Rich Roberts

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Posted: 7 Sep 2001

Want to build your own LDIFs automagically? Want to create objects in the correct container? Want to create 10 objects or 10,000 objects? Want to specify the attributes that are populated?

Then run this program: LDIFBUILD.

Download ldifbuild v1.1

It requires Java and ICE. Edit to get the settings you want.


Here are some metrics on the program.

It takes less than 10 seconds (well under) to build a 20k user ldif.

A user with these attributes:

  • dn: cn=user10000,o=people
  • changeType: add
  • givenName: user10000
  • surname: surname10000
  • title: title10000
  • description: description10000
  • postalAddress: postalAddress10000
  • postalCode: postalCode10000
  • physicalDeliveryOfficeName: physicalDeliveryOfficeName10000
  • st: st10000
  • street: street10000
  • telephoneNumber: telephoneNumber10000
  • fullName: fullName10000
  • objectClass: inetOrgPerson
  • objectClass: person
  • objectClass: organizationalPerson
  • objectClass: top
  • objectClass: ndsLoginProperties

will build this size LDIF:

  • 1k users - .5MB
  • 5k users - 2.3MB
  • 10k users - 4.7MB
  • 20k users - 9.5MB
  • 50k users - 24MB
  • 100k users - 48MB - 30 seconds
  • 200k users - 98MB - 60 seconds
  • 500k users - 247MB - 2min - 10 seconds
  • 1M users - 494MB

If you have any questions you may contact Rich at

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