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How to Use eDirectory-Based Home Directories with the Apache Web Server

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By Brad Nicholes

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Posted: 9 Oct 2001

Don't miss this excellent AppNote, which can help you expand user home directories to the web.

One of the standard features of a network server such as NetWare is the availability of user home directories. When an account is created in eDirectory, the user may be granted space on the network that belongs to them and is referred to as the user's home directory. This is usually an area where the user can copy files for purposes of backups, sharing or just temporary storage. The user has total control over the files that are placed in their home directory and which other users have access rights to those files.

But why restrict this functionality to just LAN users? Why not expand user home directories to the web? This is actually not a new concept. Allowing a web server the ability to serve pages from a user home directory has been around for quite a while. So how can the Apache Web for NetWare take advantage of this functionality and allow access to the eDirectory based user home directories? This article will discuss two new modules available for Apache for NetWare that allows the Apache Web Server to serve pages from a user's home directory or from any remote NetWare file server within the same eDirectory tree.

Read the entire AppNote.

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