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Ten Guidelines for Designing Effective Schema Extensions

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By Jacob Hammons

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Posted: 9 Oct 2001

Here is an excellent AppNote to print and tuck away for future reference. These ten guidelines will help you create effective schema whenever you need to extend it.

Since its inception in 1994, Novell Directory Services (NDS) has always featured an extensible schema. (The schema is a set of definitions that define the types of objects and attributes that are supported in the NDS database.) Over the years, thousands of software designers, in-house developers, and administrators have taken advantage of this feature to extend and customize the schema to tailor NDS for their specific needs and environment.

NDS itself has continually evolved until it is now a multi-platform, highly scalable, distributed enterprise directory called Novell eDirectory. When combined with leading-edge technologies such as DirXML, Novell eDirectory can store, manage, and synchronize data from hundreds of different sources.

With these advancements, the need for customization has only increased. As extending the eDirectory schema has become more common, Novell has responded by creating a number of valuable resources for schema development. This AppNote highlights many of these resources and gives you pointers to help you create the most effective schema possible. Coming from some of the top schema designers at Novell and the Novell Schema Review Board, these guidelines are intended to help you avoid many of the pitfalls that occur when working with a highly scalable, distributed enterprise directory.

Read the entire AppNote.

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