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Using Delphi to Build eDirectory Apps

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By Wolfgang Schreiber

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Posted: 6 Dec 2001

For those of you looking to develop applications that leverage eDirectory, there's a new series of articles showing up in Novell's AppNotes. This series, authored by Novell Europe's developer support manager, Wolfgang Schreiber, begins with a discussion about programming with Delphi. This article, the first in the series, focuses on the two ways to access the directory with Delphi: ActiveX controls and low-level calls.

Here's the article's introductory paragraphs:

You can use Delphi to create eDirectory-enabled applications in one of two ways: through ActiveX use or low-level calls. If you follow the Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach and use off-the-shelf ActiveX components, a lot of the underlying complexity will be hidden from you. The more time-consuming but more flexible and powerful low-level approach with direct calls into the client DLLs will provide you with better resource utilization and higher speed.

Both approaches have their distinctive pros and cons. It is one of the main purposes of this article series to introduce both concepts and to help you making the right decision as to which one to use.

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