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Setting up Outlook to Use Addresses from eDirectory

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By Jim Schnitter

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Posted: 8 Jan 2002

Working in Novell's Worldwide Support Services, Jim Schnitter has come up with his share of Cool Solutions. This one looks to be particularly useful to the broad audience of Microsoft Outlook and Novell eDirectory users.

This solution describes how to set up Outlook and eDirectory (or NDS) to work together and create an address book that rocks. Hey, if you have a directory, it makes sense to leverage the information it holds. Setting up any service that accesses the directory's central information store makes a lot of sense.

For details and updates to this information, see Technical Information Document: 10067048.

Here's the task at hand:
Outlook requires that the common name, cn, attribute be readable on user entries. The appropriate eDirectory or NDS rights must be configured to allow this.

Step I - Configure Outlook

  1. Go to Tools | Accounts...
  2. Select Add -> Directory Service
  3. Enter the eDirectory server name, e.g.
  4. Complete the rest of the Wizard

Step II - Configure NDS
  1. LDAP services must be enabled. See Technical Information Document: 10062287 - LDAP FAQ for details on how to do this.
  2. Create a new user, e.g. proxyuser.novell
  3. Make sure that this user does not have a password.
    1. Start ConsoleOne
    2. Open the properties for proxyuser.novell
    3. Go to Restrictions | Password Restrictions
    4. Select Change Password...
    5. Without filling either password dialog box, select Set Password
    6. Click OK on the security dialog box
  4. Give this user compare and read rights on the cn attribute
    1. Right click on the top container object and select Trustees of this Object
    2. Click on Add Trustee... and select the proxyuser.novell object
    3. Delete [Entry Rights] and [All Attribute Rights]
    4. Click Add Property and the Show All Properties checkbox
    5. Select CN
    6. Click on the Compare, Read and Inheritable checkboxes and save the trustee rights
    7. Click on Apply and Close
Step III - Testing Outlook
  1. Go to Tools | Address Book
  2. Select Find People
  3. Choose the NDS server, e.g.
  4. Enter the e-mail address of a user in the NDS server and select Find Now
  5. The results should appear below the search dialog boxes

For details and updates to this information, see Technical Information Document: 10067048.

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