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Beneficial Life Opens its Internet Doors

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By Cheryl Walton

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Posted: 24 Jan 2002

Novell Connection author Cheryl Walton takes an in depth look at the steps Beneficial Life Insurance company took to leverage eDirectory and make its information and services available outside the firewall.

Here's an excerpt -- (A link to the entire article is at the bottom of this page.):

As Novell service line manager Bill Maxey explains, "Access control is at the heart of any good security solution." As far as Novell is concerned, Maxey adds, Novell eDirectory is the cornerstone of access control.

Like many companies, Beneficial Life recently decided to expand its business beyond its firewall to the Internet. (Beneficial Life is using a high-end hardware-based firewall that provides packet-level filtering and attack-prevention services.) As Beneficial Life webmaster and network administrator Mark Walter explains, Beneficial Life wanted to extend its business to the Internet for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Beneficial Life wanted to give certain employees the option of working from anywhere that these employees had an Internet connection and a web browser. Beneficial Life also wanted to provide web-based information and services to 800-900 insurance agents, thus making it easier for these agents to do business with Beneficial Life.

Moreover, Beneficial Life wanted to provide additional information and services for a subset of these agents--financial sales professionals. (Financial sales professionals are agents who specialize in Beneficial Life policies and services.) In addition, Beneficial Life wanted to give certain policy holders web-based access to information about their policies.

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