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Lufthansa Brings in eDirectory to Track 70,000 Employees

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Posted: 28 Jan 2002

Deutsche Lufthansa AG has adopted Novell's directory and network services to consolidate user data for approximately 70,000 employees and to create a secure and structured access to the company intranet. The airline's metadirectory, based on the Novell eDirectory, will improve the level of security and reduce operating costs by consolidating administration and business procedures.

Read the full press release here:

Here's an excerpt:

Along with user-profile data (internal and external), applications or IT resources can also be accessed and managed. In preparation for even stronger security functions such as authentication devices using smart cards or biometric recognition, interfaces and supporting functions are already in place within the system.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Voigt, Senior Vice President and CIO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG gives reasons for the decision: "The directory-based one Net concept from Novell offers us convincing security benefits. As a leading global airline, we have to guarantee that our information and data can only be accessed by authorised users. Novell's solutions assist us in fulfilling our very high security requirements in the IT area. We are setting new standards for the whole airline sector."

"Novell Net services software enables us to administer all security-related user information and services centrally," says Norbert Schwarzkopf, Project Manager for Metadirectory Services, Corporate Information Management at Deutsche Lufthansa AG. "This consolidation enables us to avoid possible security breaches from the outset, and central administration will even enable us to reduce costs in the future."

"Deutsche Lufthansa AG's decision shows that Novell provides convincing concepts for reliable IT security infrastructures," states Horst Nebgen, Novell's Country Manager for Germany and Regional Director for Central Europe. "Our one Net approach combines high security and cost efficiency. This is exactly what is needed by companies who want to compete in the global arena."

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