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Synchronizing Network Time

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Posted: 5 Feb 2002

One of the most popular Technical Information Documents of late deals with Time Synchronization. Maybe, we thought, it's time to hit the books and bone up.

According to the docs, Time synchronization is a service that maintains consistent server time across the network. Time synchronization is provided by the server operating system, not by eDirectory. eDirectory maintains its own internal time to ensure the proper order of eDirectory packets, but it gets its time from the server operating system.

(Aaah. eDirectory uses "time" to manage packet transfer. eDirectory gets the correct time from the server OS. Synchronized server time is important to eDirectory.)

Here's where to find the authoritative docs:

Here's what they cover:
Integrating NetWare time synchronization with the time synchronization of Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

  • Synchronizing Time on NetWare Servers
    • NTP

  • Synchronizing Time on Windows Servers
  • Synchronizing Time on Linux or Solaris Systems
  • Verifying Time Synchronization
    • NetWare
    • Windows
    • Linux and Solaris

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