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You're Hired -- Now Get to Work!

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 6 Feb 2002

Novell Connection author Linda Kennard takes a look under the hood of Novell's Zero Day Start initiative. In this comprehensive collection of articles, Linda explores how Novell uses eDirectory to get employees up and working on day one.

Here's an excerpt from one of the articles:

Do you remember what you did to fill the hours of your first day on the job? Maybe you completed forms for human resources (HR) at someone else's desk. Perhaps you read your company's employee manual. Whatever you did, you probably did not do what you were hired to do -- work.

What were you waiting for? Training aside, new employees are often unable to work because they're waiting for standard productivity tools that they will later take for granted: an office and a desk; a telephone and telephone number; a computer, a network account, and access to the appropriate applications and databases.

At Novell, an eDirectory tree called the Workforce tree is the hub of the metadirectory Novell IS&T designed for Novell's implementation of Zero Day Start. Novell's Workforce tree is a flat structure that includes little more than a Novell Organization container holding the User objects that together represent Novell's workforce. These User objects store essential information about Novell employees, including their first and last name; telephone, fax, pager, and cellular numbers; mail stop; identification number (called a Workforce ID); and their manager's name.

Using DirXML, Novell IS&T integrated many (and eventually will integrate all) of the directories and databases underlying Novell's applications and business systems. (For more information about this integration, see "The DirXML Links in the Zero-Day-Start Chain.") For example, members of Novell IS&T have integrated (or are working to integrate) directories or databases for the following systems:

  • Metastorm e-work, a workflow system
  • PeopleSoft, an HR system
  • Avaya PBX systems from Lucent Technologies
  • A Business Integration Group (BIG) facilities system
  • A Westinghouse security system

Read the complete series of articles at:

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