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Posted: 22 Feb 2002

Editors Note: Be sure to check "Setting Time on Windows Servers Running eDirectory" for details on a step (or two) that one of our more observant readers noticed was missing from this list.

We have four servers already at eDir85.20c and wish to upgrade our other servers which are at DS8 to eDir. As it is a while since we upgraded the previous servers to eDir85, I wonder if there are any new TIDs that I can refer to or gotchas that I should be aware of when upgrading our other servers to eDir? Or could it be as simple as just installing eDir since it is already in the tree?

Since you already have eDirectory 8.5.1 in the tree, it's a pretty straight forward upgrade. However, if you want to play it safe, the following procedure should work quite nicely. It's a procedure developed for upgrading from DS 7.x to eDirectory 8.5.1.

When upgrading to eDirectory 8.5.1, start with the server holding the Master replica of the [Root] partition. Then work your way through the replica rings.

  • Check that the following patches are installed on the servers;
    • NetWare 5.0 SP6A or NetWare 5.1 SP2A
    • OS5PT2A.EXE
  • Check your HP printers. JetDirect firmware needs to be 8.03 or greater.
  • Apply the PREEDIRE.EXE patch.
  • Copy the correct DSREPAIR.NLM from the PREEDIRE.EXE patch to the system folder on each server.
  • Run DSREPAIR on the server that holds the Master replica of the [ROOT] partition
    • Run Post NetWare 5 Schema Update.
    • Run Optional Schema Enhancements.
    • Run Repair Local DS Database > Set Check Local References and Rebuild Operational schema to YES, the remaining options to NO. Choose "Yes, save the repaired database" and run with the same options until there are no errors.
  • Use DSBROWSE.NLM to verify that the Schema attributes creatorsName and modifiersName syntax is Case Ignore String. If the syntax is Distinguished Name follow the instructions in TID 10065372.
  • Make sure you have a good reliable backup.
  • Backup trustees using TBACKUP.EXE, this makes possible for an easy restore of trustees in case anything should go wrong.
  • Run PREDS8A patch on server. (As you already have DS8 on your servers this is not needed.)
  • If NetWare 5, install NICI 1.5.4.
  • Restart the server.
  • Make sure all volumes gets mounted in AUTOEXEC.NCF.
  • Comment out all non standard modules from AUTOEXEC.NCF and restart the server.
  • If server is running JVM 1.2.2 apply the EINSTALL.EXE patch.
  • Run a DSREPAIR again.
  • Perform a NDS Health Check.
  • Backup NDS using DSREPAIR -RC.
  • Install eDirectory 8.5.1 and follow the instructions on screen.
    The server will be restarted twice during this procedure.
Post Installation:
  • Backup NDS using DSREPAIR -RC.
  • Apply the DS8520C.EXE patch.
  • Restore the lines that were commented out from AUTOEXEC.NCF and restart the server.
  • Restart the server.
  • Perform an NDS Health Check.
  • Verify trustees.

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