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New eDirectory 8.6 Versioning Standard

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Posted: 13 Mar 2002

Version numbers can be important especially when it comes to products like eDirectory. Here's some information released by Novell support and Novell product management to help you spot the numbers that matter.

With the introduction of eDirectory 8.6, all eDirectory components have newer marketing and build version formats. These formats are meant to eliminate confusion for future releases.

Marketing String Format
The marketing version string using the following format:

[product] [major version].[minor version].[update/support pack number]

Example: eDirectory 8.6.0

Product management owns the contents of the Marketing String. This string will be available at the beginning of each new release. The Marketing String has no association with the version number. Each product component will ship with the same Marketing String in a given release.

Version Number Format
The following is an example of the build string found on an eDirectory component:

Example: 10110.20

This new format is strictly a build format to keep track of each build as it is released. The number is composed of a release number, a sub-release number, a release source, a build number and a build source. The following builds and their equivalences are listed below:

10110.20 - Shipping DS version with NetWare 6 (eDirectory 8.6)
10210.43 - DS version that comes with eDirectory 8.6.1
10310.17 - DS version that comes with eDirectory 8.6.2 (also included in NetWare 6 Support Pack 1)

For additional information on eDirectory 8.6, please see the following TID #10066455 - eDirectory 8.6 Readme Addendum.

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