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eDirectory 8.6 and NDS Compatibility Guide

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Posted: 13 Mar 2002

Here's some information from the support desk regarding what to consider when moving your shop to eDirectory 8.6.

The following lists explanations for acceptable and unacceptable configurations when introducing eDirectory 8.6 into an existing environment.

The main reason for these recommendations is because of auxiliary classes and the way the different versions of NDS handle auxiliary classes. Auxiliary classes were first introduced with NDS 8 and are available with all eDirectory versions. With the introduction of auxiliary classes, Novell increased functionality of eDirectory, however, some backwards-compatibility issues existed. For this reason, Novell highly recommends only using auxiliary classes in pure NDS 8/eDirectory replica rings. This recommendation was made to avoid backwards compatibility issues with NDS 6.x and 7.x servers.

Auxiliary class schema extensions successfully install and replicate to NDS 6.x and 7.x servers, however, those servers see the schema extensions as an unknown object.

Before eDirectory 8.6, it was possible to have -628 synchronization errors when associating auxiliary classes with objects and synchronizing them to NDS 6.x and 7.x servers. This issue has been eliminated with a modified auxiliary class synchronization algorithm. It is important to note that if NDS 8 or eDirectory 8.5 is installed into the tree with eDirectory 8.6 and NDS 6.x or 7.x servers, you could see a -628 synchronization error on the NDS 8 or eDirectory 8.5 servers when synchronizing objects with auxiliary classes to the NDS 6.x or 7.x servers. Therefore, NDS 8 or eDirectory 8.5 servers need to be updated to the latest patch found at

If NDS 6.x or 7.x with eDirectory 8.6 auxiliary classes are associated to objects, the objects may show as being unknown (typically showing up in ConsoleOne as a yellow question mark with a circle). The reason is the object class attribute on the eDirectory servers adds the value for the auxiliary class and the NDS 6.x or 7.x servers do not have this value, subsequently changing the received object into an unknown class.

The objects could potentially cause confusion and would show unknown classes depending on which server is being queried. The wrong reaction would be to delete the objects.

Once all NDS 8.x servers are running version 8.78 or higher and all eDirectory 8.5 servers are running 85.23 or higher, eDirectory 8.6 can coexist without problems in any mixed environment as long as they meet the minimum version requirements for eDirectory 8.6 as referenced in TID-10063534.

For additional information on eDirectory 8.6.1, see TID #10066455 - eDirectory 8.6.1 Readme Addendum.

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