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Optimal Configuration for LDAP on NetWare

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Posted: 28 Mar 2002

Here's a piece from the support team that gives some great information (like specific settings) to make your eDirectory and LDAP installations scream.

For details and updates on this information see TID-10065644

NetWare Specific Configuration
Here are some guidelines about configuring the NetWare operating system for optimal eDirectory performance. The following parameters were used in Novell's load and performance testing for eDirectory. Each parameter is followed by an explanation of its effect on performance. Each of these are NetWare SET parameters. They can be modified from the NetWare monitor screens or from the command line. Command line control is done by typing set <command name>=<value>.

Max TCP Port Limit = 45000
The Max TCP Port Limit parameter sets the upper boundary for the number of TCP ephemeral ports used by the system. The lower bound is set at 1024. The upper bound can be set to 54,999. eDirectory uses three ephemeral ports per authenticated connection. The TCP/IP stack that shipped with versions of NetWare prior to 5.1 had a hard limit on ephemeral ports that allowed only about 3,750 ports to be used on the server. This resulted in a maximum of about 1,100 simultaneous connections. NetWare 5.1 contains a new TCP/IP stack that sets the default number of ports to 54,999 and contains this set parameter for tuning. This stack is also available from Novell consulting for the NetWare 5 release.

Maximum Pending TCP Connection Requests = 4096
The default value for this parameter is 128. Setting this parameter to the upper limit of 4096 allows the server to handle the larger number of connection requests that occur in systems where numerous clients are attaching. Novell's test configuration used 1,500 simultaneous client connections.

Maximum Packet Receive Buffers = 10000
This limits the number of buffers that the receiving protocol stack has available. The default value is 500. This parameter limits the memory consumption of the IP stack. It should be about 3x the Minimum Packet Receive Buffers value.

Minimum Packet Receive Buffers = 3000
The operating system will allocate the minimum number of receive buffers as a contiguous block of memory at startup. These buffers are used to handle all received communications. LDAP worker threads use these buffers during searches. In Novell's performance testing, the minimum limit was set to two buffers per anticipated client. The default value is 128.

Maximum Physical Receive Packet Size=2048
The TCP/IP packet receive buffer size defaults to 4224 on a NetWare server. In a TCP/IP only environment, this parameter can be set to 2048. TCP packets are less than 2K and will fit in this buffer size. This is done to conserve memory.

Maximum Concurrent Disk Cache Writes = 2000
This NetWare parameter is used to limit the number of writes to give priority to reads. The default value is 750. Newer disk systems can handle more writes faster, so this value is increased. In our testing environment, we increased this value to improve bulk loading performance in the directory. It had no effect on regular directory operation.

Maximum Concurrent Directory Cache Writes = 500
This directory cache relates to the NetWare file system cache. Larger values here help when the file system is doing a lot of writes. In our testing environment, we increased this number to improve bulk loader performance. It had no effect on directory operation. However, if your directory server is also supporting a lot of NetWare file system operations, you may want to look at increasing this value from the default setting of 75.

Maximum Directory Cache Buffers = 200000
This parameter relates to the NetWare file system directory cache, not to any cache associated with NDS. The default setting of 500 is probably fine for most NDS operations, and will allow more available memory to be used for NDS database cache. You would want to increase the number of directory cache buffers if your eDirectory server is also doing a lot of file system operations. This will improve the performance for the file system. The maximum limit for directory cache buffers is 200000. Each buffer is 4160 bytes.

Maximum Number Of Internal Directory Handles = 100
This parameter also applies to NetWare file system directory handles available to processes running on the NetWare server. The default value of 100 should be fine for most eDirectory operations. If other processes are running on your eDirectory NetWare server that require a lot of file I/O, you may want to consider upping this limit so that directory handles remain available to a connection longer, thus eliminating the need to re-check rights on the connection.

Maximum Number Of Directory Handles = 20
This parameter limits the number of NetWare file system directory handles available to client applications. The default value is 20. This value has no effect on eDirectory operations. If other client processes are running against your eDirectory NetWare server that require a lot of file I/O, you may want to consider upping this limit so that directory handles remain available to a connection longer, thus eliminating the need to re-check rights on the connection.

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