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Object Interaction with ConsoleOne

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 21 May 2002

Kevin Burnett gives us the behind-the-scenes tour of how to get around using ConsoleOne.

Here's a taste of the tour:

ConsoleOne presents your network and its resources as a set of objects that are organized in tree fashion, with various containers and objects making up the content. Figure 1 shows ConsoleOne displaying my sample tree called DNU_TREE. Note that My World is at the top, with two Organizations or "Os" shown as Novell and VerySmallCompany.

Typically with ConsoleOne, you administer an object by browsing to it, right-clicking it, and then selecting your chosen action. The available actions depend on the type of object you have selected. For example, the New Object action is only available on containers, while a user object will have quite a numbers of actions which you can perform.

  • Browsing and Finding Objects
  • Logging In to an eDirectory Tree
  • Logging Out of an eDirectory Tree
  • Accessing an eDirectory Context through DNS Federation
  • Jumping to an Object in the Right Pane
  • Filtering Extraneous Object from View
  • Finding an Object by Its Distinguished Name
  • Finding an Object by Name and Type
  • Finding Objects by Property Values
  • Conclusion

Here's the way to the full tour:

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