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Removing All Replicas From a Server; DSREPAIR -XK2

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Posted: 22 May 2002

We ran across this valuable technical information document (TID) while reviewing reader ratings. This one has received a number of top-level reviews (5-stars) from other readers.

This TID comes with a lot of cautions so we thought it best to link you directly to the source instead of trying to rephrase the technical details here.

Here's a short bite:

The following steps will force all replicas off of a server and clean up the replica rings. This process has many implications:

  1. If the only real replica of a partition exists on this server, all data for objects in this partition will be permanently lost.
  2. Once started, this process cannot be halted.
  3. If not followed correctly, this procedure can cause more damage to the NDS tree.
  4. If running NDS 8.x, make sure the DSREPAIR.NLM is version 7.28 or higher.

Here's how to get the real info:

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