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eProvisioning Tales and a DirXML ROI Worksheet

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By Raymon Epping

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Posted: 30 May 2002

In a recent Network World Fusion newsletter, Dave Kearns announced the winners of his E-provisioning True Stories contest. The winning stories are hilarious. In one, Dave tells of a manager who discovered that his (by then, long-gone) network administrator had run coax through the ceiling and was charging the firm next door for server storage and printing services. In another, Dave describes the move of a high-level sales rep from one financial institution to another. The old company couldn't figure out how the rep managed to contact all of his old accounts and persuade them to move with him until they found he had full access to their network (and his contact list, and his phone line) long after he had left.

Dave's telling of these stories is great (much better than ours). Visit the Network World site for yourself and read the full story for a good chuckle.

The "hip" terms for these administrative tasks are E-provisioning -- the act of getting a new employee connected and working for the company, and De-provisioning -- the act of disconnecting an employee who has left the company for another.

So, E/De-provisioning is a good thing, there's no question about that. Here's a spreadsheet that should help you calculate what a key role DirXML can play in an efficient E/De-provisioning system.

Download it here:

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