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Leading Edge 158: Advanced Audit Services

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Posted: 4 Jun 2002

We stumbled across this eDirectory developer download and thought the developers among us would be interested. Leading Edge releases give you a first look at new technologies Novell is engineers are working on. Novell does not recommend the use of these unsupported components in a production environment.

Novell Advanced Audit Service (NAAS) is a Novell eDirectory based auditing framework that enables you to audit various services running over the network. It uses eDirectory for storing audit policies and configuration information and for managing access to audit data. NAAS currently audits Novell Storage Service (NSS), Novell Traditional File System (NWFS) and eDirectory as part of its release with NetWare 6.

Advanced Audit Service Developer Kit allows any service to register with NAAS for achieving auditing capabilities. With the help of the provided registration functions, you can audit your service and meet your unique auditing requirements.

Download this Leading Edge code here:

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