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Posted: 20 Jun 2002

Novell's latest DeveloperNet Connections newsletter did a fine job explaining what eGuide is and what it can do for your organization's organization.

Here's an excerpt:

Novell eDirectory offers more than just great authentication infrastructure. Combined with solutions that leverage the vast of amount of information stored and managed by the directory in your organization, you can do great things! Here is a perfect example of how to leverage eDirectory and today's compatible browsers to provide a valuable Web-based service -- all for less than the cost of the latest video game. In fact, Novell uses this solution as its company-wide Address Book and Org Chart application. It's called Novell eGuide.
eGuide offers a low-cost, high-impact solution for providing a Web-based, feature rich white pages and Org Chart application to your company or your customers. eGuide enables you to present and to search for names, addresses, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses stored in eDirectory, as well as other LDAP compliant data stores. eGuide allows you to completely customize the look and layout presented to users-from color to search options, to allowing self-service information updates, and even by adding employee photos to the Org Chart.

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