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Posted: 11 Jul 2002

Here's an excerpt:

During the past few years, several tools have evolved to help IT managers automate paper-bound or e-mail-driven processes for assigning resources to new workers. Dubbed employee-provisioning software, these packages tie into network directories already in place.
By and large, though, most companies have resisted attempts to automate the provisioning process, either because of crippled IT budgets or because management isn't convinced it's a priority. However, taking the time to develop a good provisioning plan expedites the onerous process and gets new hires to work quicker.
Mount Sinai Medical Center's IT department has adopted a system that starts with a paper form and ends with an employee who can be fully provisioned and productive in as little as week, says Peter Strifas, senior directory engineer for the university-based hospital system in New York City.
Strifas stitched together a provisioning system that relies on Novell's eDirectory and DirXML metadirectory software, which are part of Novell's Employee eProvisioning bundle. "It will allow us to create one user account in an eDirectory tree, and DirXML will automatically propagate this user data into disparate systems, allowing the user access to our [employee and customer] portal, e-mail and production network," he says.

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