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By Duane Buss

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Posted: 23 Jul 2002

Here's an information packed document we found in AppNotes that deals with the issues that you may face when you select the "rebuild operational schema" option in the DSREPAIR.

Here's were to read the article:

Here's an excerpt:
Sometimes you need to rebuild your NDS Schema. Below is an explanation of the issues that you may face when you select the "rebuild operational schema" option in the DSREPAIR utility, including information on how to decide whether the operation is appropriate for your situation.

The two main issues with "rebuild operational schema" are:

  1. Flags
  2. Rules changes

You may have done these things to customize your tree schema in order for a third-party application to work "correctly."

By default, when the Rebuild Operational Schema option is selected, the local DIB (Directory Information Base) schema is forced to comply with what the currently-loaded Directory Services knows to be its original schema definitions ( flags, rules, OIDs, boundaries, and so on). Additions to rules are left alone, but the option adds back any removed original rule to the class that is being checked.

If the current flags found in the DIB don't match what the loaded DS believes to be the real definitions, you can change them to comply with it. However, this action may have an undesirable consequence for some of the applications you have installed.

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