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eDirectory 8.7 Backup Management Tool

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By Brian Hawkins, Linda Kennard

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Posted: 23 Jul 2002

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Backing up your company's Novell eDirectory tree is essential to ensuring that your company's network can continue to perform under any circumstances. However, until Novell eDirectory 8.7, backing up the directory could be a tricky process. Happily, eDirectory 8.7 includes a new cross-platform backup and restore utility called the Backup eDirectory Management Tool (eMTool). The cool thing about Backup eMTool is that it's hot, or rather it enables hot backups.

Backup eMTool enables you to back up the entire eDirectory database on the server on which you run the tool. Regardless of how many changes to the directory occur while this backup is running, Backup eMTool captures a complete view of the eDirectory database that's consistent with the moment you start the backup.

The other cool thing about Backup eMTool is that it's fast. James Whitchurch, Novell director of software engineering for eDirectory, estimates that backing up an 8 GB eDirectory database for a tree with 12 million objects takes no more than two hours. Restoring such a tree takes roughly the same length of time, Whitchurch says. Whitchurch bases these estimates on the total length of time involved in a backup and restore process -- including the time you spend configuring the backup and gathering the backup files that you need to restore the directory.

Novell engineer Brian Hawkins, who developed Backup eMTool, says that Novell has tested Backup eMTool on an eDirectory tree just this size. The actual backup -- that is, the time it took to back up data to disk -- took approximately only 30 minutes. Restoring the eDirectory tree took only about five minutes longer, Hawkins says.

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