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Performing Health Checks on Account Management 2.1

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By Patrice Clement

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Posted: 1 Aug 2002

Patrice Clement, a Technical Support Engineer for some of Novell's major accounts, has put some of his know-how to print in this AppNotes piece. In this particular article, Patrice details the steps necessary to keep your Account Management systems healthy.

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One of the main challenges when troubleshooting Novell Account Management (NAM) 2.1 for Windows NT is to avoid confusion arising from the interaction of its different components. When some users complain about slow login to the NT Domain, how do you know whether the problem is coming from the redirection component, eDirectory, or the NT Domain itself? How do you know where to look for relevant information about the problem? The best approach is to use a checklist to verify point-by-point that everything is configured properly. Several years of experience doing technical support for Novell Account Management for Windows NT revealed that, in the vast majority of cases, checking a few things made it possible to find out what was wrong and to solve the problem.
This AppNote lists the main checkpoints to look at when troubleshooting NAM for Windows NT. For each of these checkpoints, an explanation will be given on why it is important, how you can check it, what are the likely symptoms that you will see in case of a problem related to that checkpoint, and, in that case, how you can resolve it.
This AppNote focuses on version 2.1 of Novell Account Management for Windows NT. However, most of the procedures detailed herein can also be used for previous versions of the product (NDS Corporate Edition and NDS for NT 2.0x).

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