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Understanding eDirectory Process Requests

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 1 Aug 2002

This month's "Directory Primer" (from AppNotes) includes a discussion about eDirectory Process Requests -- communications that take place close to the heart of the directory engine.

Here's the tip of the iceberg:

Novell eDirectory is a very easy-to-use Directory plus database. However, the inner-workings of eDirectory, which are made up of the Novell Directory Services (NDS) engine, are quite complex. As they run, the NDS processes make requests for low-level functions. These low-level functions communicate directly with the heart of the NDS engine.

This month's column explains the operation of the most common NDS Process Requests. It will also reference eDirectory's utility, DSTRACE, which allows the monitoring of NDS activity.

Here's the URL:

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