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Identity Provisioning for Employees; On-Site Visit Opportunity

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By Patrick Tedjamulia

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Posted: 29 Aug 2002


This message contains news about Novell's on-site visit opportunity with the beta release of Novell's identity provisioning software (Mercury). Read on without delay to be considered for this opportunity!

What is Mercury?

Employee identity provisioning (code name Mercury) is a cross-platform product solution for keeping identity information in a company's HR system, Messaging System, and Network Directory synchronized and up-to-date. It includes DirXML drivers for the most popular employee systems:

  • SAP and PeopleSoft for HR Systems
  • Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and GroupWise for Messaging Systems
  • Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft NT Domains for Network Directories

Mercury will use a workforce tree based on Novell eDirectory as a 'private' data store for provisioning accounts on the HR system, messaging systems and Network directories. Mercury provides pre-configured driver files for each application to reduce the customization required for an employee provisioning system. Because each employer has unique policies for provisioning, mercury will require some customization before it is put into production.

Once configured, administrators can add a new employee in their HR system and accounts will be automatically created with passwords in the Messaging System and on the Network Directories. Similarly, when an employee is de-activated on the HR system, their e-mail account and network accounts are disabled.

On-site Visit Schedule

Novell is interested in sending a few of our engineers on-site to install and run Mercury in your test lab. The benefit to you would be working closely with development and testing the product in your environment to work out any quirks that you may run into prior to going live as well as taking advantage of the knowledge base that will be on hand to help in any way. The advantage to us is being in your environment, instead of our test labs, to work with the code to make it as solid as possible prior to releasing it.

The schedule that we are working from right now would be a 2-3 day visit during the first half of September. That means that your test lab would need to be complete with all the pre-requisites prior to then.


The pre-requisites for participating in the on-site visit are:

Identify and set up the applications that you will connect with Employee Provisioning. Set up one HR system, one Messaging system, and one or more Account systems. These systems should be set up in a lab environment in order for them to be connected together. The appropriate resources responsible for each system will need to be available during the on-site visit.

Examples are:
1) HR Systems (Peoplesoft, SAP)
2) Messaging Systems (Exchange 5.5, AD w/ Exchange 2000, Notes, GroupWise)
3) Account Systems (Active Directory, NT, Novell eDirectory, Workforce Tree)

Please let Patrick Tedjamulia at know if you would like to be considered for this opportunity.

Note: Not all sites that respond will be selected for participation in the Mercury on-site visit opportunity. The on-site visits will be limited to 2-4 sites within the US. In return for your commitment, the early look, technical support, and resulting knowledge you gain will undoubtedly benefit your site as you roll this product out into your production environment.

Please consider your availability to participate in the Mercury on-site visit and inform us ASAP.

Thank you,

Patrick Tedjamulia
Beta Program Coordinator

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