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DSRepair -XK3: How, When, and Why

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Posted: 4 Sep 2002

If your eDirectory system is showing any of the symptoms listed below, you may need to enlist the services of DSREPAIR -XK3.

  • Local Directory Services on a server does not hold a real copy of an object and is getting errors trying to access said object
  • Server holds no replicas
  • ERROR -626 checking XREF ID
  • Error: -634 checking XREF on an object for which the server doesn't hold a real (Master, Read/Write, Read-Only) copy
  • Master replica is staying substantially behind in synchronization time
  • After removing a replica, users cannot log in to the server
  • Authentication times dramatically increased (a replica of the users' Partition is not on the server)
  • Error -601 reported on an object -- the server reporting the error does not hold a real (Master, Read/Write, Read Only) of the object
  • Renamed (0_0) server object showing on servers that do not hold real copies of the server object
  • Previously deleted objects are showing up in the tree

The AppNotes Team covers DSREPAIR -XK3 -- how, when, and why to use it -- in their latest edition of Tips and Tricks. Get more here:

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