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Posted: 4 Sep 2002

Here's a good guide if you're looking for more ways to leverage eDirectory at your place of business. The guide details how to use eDirectory in tandem with other Novell products and third-party solutions to streamline a company's provisioning needs. Get a glimpse of the guide below.

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eProvisioning: Automatically and immediately give or revoke users access to resources, information and applications based on their identity in the directory from the time their relationship with an organization begins or changes. The eProvisioning solution from Novell and our partners uses the identity of your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners to securely provide them access to content and resources, allowing you to automate your business processes through the Internet. The elements of the solution combine to simplify the management of identities and data sharing across applications and systems, secure the access and use of extended data and resources, and empower your organization to move your business processes to the Internet.

This Guide
This document is designed to give Novell Consulting and integrator partners as well as customer in-house technical teams an overview of the implementation of eProvisioning solutions based on the eProvisioning Solution Framework from Novell and our partners. The first section presents an overview of the benefits of the solution and guides you through the functionality each element in the solution framework can provide in your implementation to help you determine the most effective strategy for your business. The second section discusses the major considerations and milestones for implementing an eProvisioning solution, guiding you through the process with recommendations on when to engage additional integration and consulting resources from Novell. The final section covers the important implementation aspects of each Novell solution technology as it applies to eProvisioning to assist you in planning out your own custom implementation.

Novell eProvisioning Solution Framework
The eProvisioning solution is a framework designed to be implemented in phases to match your eBusiness strategy so you can quickly and easily evolve your systems. You select those elements that meet your current business provisioning needs while building a flexible foundation to further extend and enhance your business processes in the future including:

  • Employee provisioning
    To get your employees the resources they need to be productive from day one and every day thereafter to optimize productivity
  • Partner provisioning
    For tighter integration with your business partners from real-time market data sharing to core intellectual property sharing
  • Supplier provisioning
    To reduce costs, optimize revenue and profits by speeding business transactions, enhancing inventory control, lowering procurement costs, and enforcing procurement rules and processes
  • Customer provisioning
    To optimize revenue and profits by increasing customer satisfaction, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and understanding customers better.

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